Installation Guide

For users wanting to try out quickly, see Quick Installation.

For users wanting to deploy a production environment, see Manual Installation.

For users wanting to deploy a multi-node environment, see Multi-node Installation.

  Getting Started

Getting Started With Quick Installation.

Getting Started With Manual Installation.

Getting Started With Multi-node Installation.


Find six classic cloud deployments using ZStack in Tutorials, all you need is a single Linux machine.

  User Manual

User Manual is a full reference that contains explanations of all ZStack concepts, usage of ZStack tools, definitions of global settings and system tags, and usage of every API (demonstrated by command line tool).

For usage of command line tool(zstack-cli), visit Command Line Tool.

For usage of query APIs, visit Query.

  Feature Matrix

Click here to see features supported in current version.

  Architecture Overview

Click here for an architecture overview.


Troubleshooting lists a few issues that are not ZStack problems but you may encounter.

  Architecture Blog

Check out blog for articles about major architectural design principles, including:


ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 1: Asynchronous Architecture

ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 2: Stateless Services

ZStack's Scalability Secrets Part 3: Lock-free Architecture

Plugin Architecture:

The In-Process Microservices Architecture

The Versatile Plugin System

The Tag System

The Workflow Engine

The Cascade Framework

Query API:

The Query API


Full Automation By Ansible

Storage And Network:

Networking Model 1: L2 and L3 Network

Networking Model 2: Virtual Router Network Service Provider

Storage Model: Primary Storage and Backup Storage


The Automation Testing System 1: Integration Testing

The Automation Testing System 2: System Testing

The Automation Testing System 3: Model-based Testing